Wolfson Atmospheric
Chemistry Laboratories

Innovation Way
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

General Enquiries

Jenny Hudson-Bell
01904 322609

Whilst the main focus of our research is the measurement of atmospherically important compounds, the experience of staff extends far beyond this subject area and our state of the art, highly sensitive instrumentation can be employed in many other applications.

If you have a related trace measurment requirement that’s not listed here, or would like more detailed information on the methods and techniques we use, then please get in touch at: wacl@york.ac.uk.


WACL hosts advanced capabilities for the analysis of trace chemicals in gases and aerosols. Our measurment capabilities include:

Non-methane hydrocarbons, C2-C14 as gases and C6 macromo

Oxygenated compounds including alcohols, aldehydes and ketones as gases and aerosols.

Organo-nitrogen compounds in aerosols and particulate matter.

Halocarbon gases, including ozone depleting substances.

Classic air pollutants including NOx, CO, SO2, O3, PM.

Greenhouse gases, CO2, CH4, N2O.

We have worked on numerous challenging non-standard trace measurment problems for organisations such as BP, TOTAL, Unilever, Givaudan, Du Pont and DSTL.

Our collaborations can range from pay-per-sample through to multi-year research projects.