Wolfson Atmospheric
Chemistry Laboratories

Innovation Way
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

General Enquiries

Jenny Hudson-Bell
01904 322609

Our labs are equipped with state of the art high accuracy mass spectrometry that we have optimised for the detection of trace organic species in gas mixtures.

Potential applications:

Monitoring of odorous emissions eg. from processing plants, landfill sites or toilets.

Identification of odour causing compounds from unknown samples eg. paints, food, drinks or perfumes.

Profiling of aroma causing compounds from various samples (allowing comparison between samples, specifically relating to odour).

Using gas chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry and an olfactory port, we can offer trace level identification and quantification of odour causing compounds. We can provide a profile of the odour active compounds from air/gas, liquid or solid samples and generate standard mixtures of gases for calibration and quantification.