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The openair project

The openair project started in 2008 with 3-year funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The principal aim is to make available innovative data analysis techniques for air pollution data – or more generally atmospheric composition data. openair is an R package that is openly and freely available to anyone. Some of the capabilities of openair include:

  • Importing air quality data from UK and European sites
  • Wind and pollution roses, bivariate polar plots and Conditional Probability Function (CPF) plots
  • Sophisticated conditioning plots
  • Bivariate polar plots, with recent enhancements (see publications), clustering
  • Back trajectory analysis
  • Model evaluation

Bivariate polar plots

Scatter plots

Correlation analysis


The project welcomes contributions from other researchers from around the world. The development site is hosted on GitHub where all the code and additional infromation is available (including a comprehensive user manual).