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Jenny Hudson-Bell
01904 322609

Meet our team of dedicated staff

WACL Team comprises Academics, NCAS staff, Research Fellows, Research Assistants, PhD and Master Students. Please use the box below to search by name or keyword.

Dr Peter Brauer

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Multiphase modelling, Chemical mechanism development, Mechanism self-generation, Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM)
01904 324758

Dr Tomás Sherwen

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Global and Regional Modelling, Halogens, Iodine, Air Quality, LCA
(+44)1904 324758

Dr David Carslaw

Urban air pollution, vehicle emissions, receptor modeling, Openair software.
01904 324753

Prof Lucy Carpenter

Professor, Physical Chemistry Academic Group Leader.
Atmosphere-ozone interactions, Ozone depleting substances, Halogens.
01904 324588

Dr Rosie Chance

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Marine biogeochemistry, Ocean-atmosphere interactions, Iodine, Marine organic aerosol, Environmental analytical chemistry, Mass spectrometry.
01904 324758

Dr Terry J. Dillon

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry & Faraday College Director of Studies
Gas-phase, Kinetics, Photochemistry, Free radicals, Biofuels, Combustion, Oxidation, Mechanisms.
01904 324706

Dr Rachel Dunmore

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Comprehensive two-dimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC), air pollution, urban air quality, vehicle emissions, gas phase chemistry, observations
01904 324757

Dr Pete Edwards

Research Fellow
Sensor networks, VOCs, Radicals, Tropospheric chemistry, Ozone, Air quality, Biogenic hydrocarbons, Oil and gas, Chemical box modelling, GEOS-Chem.
01904 324178

Prof Mat Evans

Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling, GEOS-Chem, Atmosphere composition.
01904 324188

Dr Jacqui Hamilton

Senior Lecturer
Atmospheric aerosols, Indoor air pollution, SOA formation, Analytical techniques.
01904 324076

Dr Jim Hopkins

NCAS Research Fellow
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas phase chemistry, Observations, Bukit Atur Observatory, Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory.
01904 324754

Mrs Jenny Hudson-Bell

NCAS Administrator & Research Support
Administration, Staff support.
01904 322609

Dr James Lee

NCAS Research Fellow
Air pollution, Atmospheric Oxidation Chemistry, Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone.
01904 322575

Prof Ally Lewis

Professor, Director for NCAS Air Quality
Air quality, Analytical techniques, VOC analysis, Chemical detection.
01904 322522

Dr Sarah Moller

NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow and NCAS Research Fellow
Air quality, Policy, Defra, Tropospheric chemistry, Oil and gas emissions, Greenhouse gases, Nitrogen oxides, Ozone.
01904 324753

Dr Xiobing Pang

Post doctoral Research Associate
GCMS, Glyoxl, Long term measurement of atmospheric carbonyls.
01904 324757

Dr Kelly Pereira

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Secondary organic aerosol (SOA), Atmospheric simulation chambers, Time-resolved SOA collection techniques, Mass spectrometry, Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography.
01904 324756

Dr Shalini Punjabi

Research Technician
Volatile Organic Compounds, Gas chromatography, Long term measurements, Data quality, Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory.
01904 324757

Dr Ruth Purvis

NCAS Research Fellow
  Air Quality, Oil and Gas Emissions, Outreach
+ 44 (0)1904 324753

Dr Katie Read

NCAS Research Fellow and Technical Specialist for CVAO
Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory, Trace gases, Ozone, Carbon monoxide, Gas chromatography.
01904 322565

Dr Andrew Rickard

NCAS Research Fellow
Chemical mechanism development, Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM), Atmospheric simulation chambers, Tropospheric modelling, Gas-phase kinetics.
01904 324760

Dr Marvin Shaw

NCAS Research Associate
Urban Air Quality, Biogenic VOCs, Anthropogenic VOCs, Organic and inorganic halogens, Oxides of nitrogen, Sea-air gaseous exchange, Airborne eddy covariance flux, PTR-MS, SIFT-MS, GC-MS, LC-MS, Analytical instrument manufacture, Electrochemical and photo-ionisation based micro-sensors.
01904 324753

Michelle Wang

Marie Curie Early stage Researcher
Gas chromatography lab-on-a-chip (GC-LOC), Gas Chromatography -Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Indoor air analysis.
01904 324754

Dr Martyn Ward

Experimental Officer
Secondary organic aerosol, instrumentation.
01904 324753